Open-Hearted Helpers

Dr. Thomas Beaver's passion to get people back to normal lives

Thomas Beaver, MD, MPH, talks about the importance of team-based care and forging into the future with the new heart hospital.

Drs. Thomas Beaver, left, and Juan Aranda help make up a distinguished heart team at UF Health. Play Video

Dr. Juan Aranda follows in father’s footsteps to help hearts in need

Juan Aranda, MD, talks about the extended family he’s created through 20 years of patient care.


Young Kamron grills Dr. Thomas Beaver about life as a cardiovascular surgeon

Kamron, 12, sits down with Thomas Beaver, MD, for an interview while giving Beaver a few pointers of his own.


Dr. Tomas Martin helps patients by taking on the toughest of operations

Tomas Martin, MD, talks about the satisfaction he gets from helping patients, most of whom have hearts that need his distinguished expertise.