Heart-Healthy Advice

Our heart needs us to stay informed so we can keep it beating strong throughout our lifetimes. There are many things to keep in mind to make this short- and long-term goal a reality, and how we approach each meal and each activity will determine whether this comes to fruition. Here’s some key advice that can make a big difference in our daily lives.

Gross stack of fatty foods.

Download Guidelines for a Healthier Life

Making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a BIG impact on your heart health. Download a free booklet to learn how.

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Women need women-specific cardiology care

While a healthy heart looks the same for a man and woman inside the body, we know women’s heart health is unique to them.

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Eating right and staying balanced in 2021

We’re sharing tips on how to eat a balanced diet and why moderation is a great start toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Six important things to know about heart health

Being mindful of what we consume is important, but that's one of several things to keep in mind as we care for our hearts over the long haul.

Soy Products

Are soy products OK?

There is a significant concern regarding soy and its association with cancer that many people are afraid to consume it. The data does not pan out.

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What's so great about fruits and vegetables?

Multiple studies show time and again that we live longer when we eat more fruits and vegetables.


Heart disease and cancer: A toxic relationship

Studies have shown heart disease may increase your risk of developing cancer, and cancer treatments may increase the risk of heart disease.